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"I cannot recommend this course enough... 18 months ago I moved to a practice where patients hadn't so much as heard of a hygienist and perio wasn't really being tackled. I cannot begin to tell you just what it took to convince the dentists to attend this course with me (including offering to personally refund them if they didn't gain from it!) but what a remarkable difference it made to our clinical practice when they did. Just 3 months on and we now have full protocols & care plan pathways in place for each BPE code. Patients are thoroughly examined and most importantly are properly informed before being referred to me. The dentists no longer question my approach and we have patient info packs on perio, gingivitis, and implant care which are discussed and handed out at initial exam. BPE's are on point! Pocket charts are carried out. Rads are taken. All appointment times have been extended (including the GDP's exam) and adjusted to meet individual needs. The whole clinical team are now more switched on as to the importance of perio and it's had an enormous impact on the standard of care we offer our patients. I estimate we've sold more oral hygiene aids than Boots and, best of all?, I didn't have to reimburse my bosses with the cost of the course! We're a very happy team these days and our practice reviews are reflecting the positive difference the patients have noticed too." (Sheffield Team Day delegate June 2017)

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